I have a passion for collecting vintage Star Wars merchandise from the late 70's. Action figures, comics, trading cards etc - anything related to the first Star Wars movie. But why only until 1980? It's not that I don't love The Empire Strikes Back and beyond (I really do), but there is something about that first wave of Star Wars mania that really grips me, back when it was all fresh and exciting...

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Pizzazz #9 - June 1978

Shaun Cassidy is the mug on the cover for this issue but there's no article on him, just a series of photographs. There is however, an article on the mechanical shark of the upcoming Jaws 2 which was pretty sweet. I like that movie. Not a patch on the original of course, but as far as sequels go it's not bad at all.

On to the Star Wars strip, and I've not really any clue as to what's going on story wise having not read the previous installments. Luke, Leia and the droids seem to be escaping from some high tech planet with the aid of 'the keeper'. I'm looking forward to getting all issues of this magazine and putting the strips into chronological order to make sense of them.   

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