I have a passion for collecting vintage Star Wars merchandise from the late 70's. Action figures, comics, trading cards etc - anything related to the first Star Wars movie. But why only until 1980? It's not that I don't love The Empire Strikes Back and beyond (I really do), but there is something about that first wave of Star Wars mania that really grips me, back when it was all fresh and exciting...

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Topps Stickers: Series 1

Well, it's been over a year since I blogged last - apologies to anybody keeping tabs on this site. Life has been hectic with kids, work etc (usual excuses). I have a little more time now and have a few posts lined up so I'll kick off with the first of Topps's sticker sets. Each wax-sealed pack of trading cards contained a sticker and there were eleven stickers for each series.

Series 1 was more or less a collection of character mugshots against a starry backdrop with the occasional spaceship. You can see in the photo above that some of the backgrounds are white. This means, unfortunately, that I have lost the background/border as it has peeled off which is a shame. I may try to get replacements for these cards.

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